Andronibus Ambulo Imaginationis

Open Beta Chapters


Horrors of War


An Author Intrusion

Chapter One

Preditor, Not Prey

Chapter Two

Honest Work

Chapter Three

Death Comes for Us All

Chapter Four

Glory be Damned

Chapter Five

Worthy of Being Chosen

Here are the first five chapters of my work in progress. Due to contract reasons, this is all I plan on posting at this time. Please feel free to check them out, or even download the PDFs. The nice thing about the PDFs is they contain both my chapter notes (so you can see how I put things together), as well as my beta questions I ask of my beta readers. Feel free to fill out the PDF forms and send your comments back to me. author (at) maxadrake (dot) com.

This book should be finished by December 2016. From there, I will begin shopping it to the industry. I will post notes on this page as to the progress.